Architectural Vinyl Wraps & Coverings

Architectural Vinyl Wraps

Experience the perfect blend of aesthetics and brand enhancement with Sunguard’s Architectural Vinyl Wraps/Films

Vinyl Film Application

Refresh an Existing Surface, Rather Than Replace, with Architectural Vinyl Wraps

An innovative cost-effective solution to refresh an existing surface, rather than replace. Sunguard offer a vast array of different tactile patterned and textured designs, including realistic wood grain, marble effect and solid colours. Providing swift, mess free installs, with no need to remove existing fixtures and fittings, our self-adhesive vinyl applications create a professional look, with high quality finishings that can cover and conform to almost all substrates, breathing a new lease of life into your furnishings and interior surfaces. These products are highly durable, providing UV protection as well as being fire rated.

Modernise Effortlessly

Give that ageing piece of furniture, unattractive door or lacklustre interior a contemporary facelift! Our vinyl wrap will seamlessly merge luxury with practicality, allowing you to reinvent your space without the hassle of major renovations.

Architectural Vinyl Wraps | Sunguard Window Films

A Quick, No-Mess Installation

Time is invaluable, especially in a commercial setting. That’s why our top-grade, self-adhesive vinyl wraps adhere to almost any surface without creating any mess. Whether you’re in retail or residential sectors, Sunguard ensures a swift transformation.

Diverse Array of Finishes

Choose from a wide range of breath-taking finishes. Whether you yearn for the sophistication of marble, the rustic charm of wood grain, or the sleekness of solid colours, we’ve got it all in stock. Let your space reflect your style.

Tactile Patterns & Textured Architectural Vinyl Wraps & Coverings

Not only do our architectural vinyl wrap products elevate the look of your interiors, but they are also fire-rated, resistant to harmful UV rays, and hygienically friendly. We have a commitment to ensuring your spaces aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but also safe.

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