Privacy and Frosted Window Film


Secure your privacy and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your premises.

Effective privacy solutions

Your Privacy Partner

Whether you have a need for additional cost-effective privacy in your home office or commercial property, Sunguard can provide a tailor-made solution to give you peace of mind with our privacy window film, tint, or frosted opaque film. At Sunguard, we offer a bespoke service to fit any glass surface you wish to secure, so you can reclaim your privacy from inquisitive eyes and achieve security.

Optimal One-Way Privacy Window Film

Keep your view while maintaining your privacy with our one-way privacy window film. Appearing slightly tinted from the inside and mirrored/reflective from the outside, these window films or tints allow generous natural light while ensuring complete privacy. We offer a prior check to ensure this lighting-dependent solution suits your needs, and provide comprehensive advice if an alternative route is required.

Privacy & Frosted Opaque | Sunguard Window Films

Extensive Selection of Window Films and Vinyls

Looking for versatility? Then choose from our wide array of window films, tints and vinyls. Our frosted/etched vinyl replicates acid etch or frosted glass, and is ideal for home or office privacy. Opt for solid-coloured vinyl or choose bespoke designs featuring your branding, photos or graphics. With Sunguard, you can customise your privacy solutions to your taste.

Cutting-Edge Frosted Privacy Enhancement

Maintain your privacy, whether at home or work, with our innovative window film. These ground-breaking products conceal views through windows, consequently providing a secure barrier against unwelcome observation. Embrace a more private lifestyle with our ingenious window film solutions.

Stunning Decorative Privacy and Frosted Window Films

Why choose between privacy and style when you can have both? Our decorative privacy window film range from retro and stained glass designs to gradient, textured, and patterned options. Not only do these films enhance privacy, they also convert your glass into an eye-catching feature, adding a touch of elegance to your premises.

Trust Sunguard, your dedicated partner for privacy window film/tint and frosted vinyls. Make the smart choice today and enjoy the blend of privacy, elegance, and peace of mind tomorrow.

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Securing Workplace Confidentiality

Your workplace is the epicentre of sensitive information.  To protect it from prying eyes Sunguard provides a plethora of privacy window films and frosted opaque vinyl film options. Choose partial or complete privacy based on your requirements, and maintain a professional and secure working environment, thus allowing your staff to focus on what matters most – productivity.

Privacy & Frosted Opaque | Sunguard Window Films