Elevating Safety with Glass Manifestations

Glass Manifestations

Turning the obligatory into the extraordinary with our premium range of Glass Manifestations Window Film.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Visibility

Understanding Glass Manifestations: Safety Meets Style

The primary purpose of glass manifestations is to safeguard individuals by making glass and glazing elements distinctly visible, and consequently prevent accidents. Glass manifestations are therefore not only a necessity, but also a legal requirement under the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) for all glazed areas. For instance, these can include glass doors, screens, panels and windows. At Sunguard, we see this as an opportunity to integrate safety with style and enhance the visual appeal of your premises, while adhering to necessary regulations.

Strategic Placement for Optimal Safety

Building regulations identify “critical locations” to apply glass manifestation. For example, floor-to-ceiling windows, entrance doors, screens, or decorative partitions. Manifestation markings should be applied at two levels on the glass: between 850mm – 1000mm, and 1400mm – 1600mm above the floor. The applied material needs to contrast with the glass and background, therefore ensuring its visibility while maintaining the overall aesthetic view.

Glass Manifestations | Sunguard Window Films

Customised Graphics: Personalised Glass Manifestations

Manifestations are traditionally created using frosted film to replicate an acid-etched finish with designs such as dots, circles or logos. At Sunguard, you have the freedom to choose from our range of standard designs or customise your own. We offer the possibility of integrating company logos or creating bespoke patterns to add an extra layer of personalisation to your glazing.

Sunguard's Tailored Solutions: Where Quality Meets Customisation

Manifestations are a legal requirement. However, they also offer an opportunity to showcase your brand’s identity or introduce a decorative element to your premises. Sunguard pride ourselves on offering glass manifestation solutions tailored to your exact specifications. Our team can recreate your artwork in full colour on a variety of our film products. Subsequently, delivering a solution that’s not just about compliance, but one that will also enhance your premises’ visual appeal. Choose Sunguard for a service that marries safety, legal compliance and aesthetics in perfect harmony.

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