Decorative & Printed Window Films


Experience the perfect blend of safety, compliance, aesthetics and brand enhancement with Sunguard’s decorative or printed window film solutions.

Unleash Your Creative Spirit

High-End & Affordable Decorative & Printed Solutions

At Sunguard, we are dedicated to transforming your windows into canvases of elegance. Consequently, our decorative and printed window films are designed for a myriad of applications, from glazed partitions and screens to outward-facing windows. Sunguard’s solutions are engineered to enhance the visual appeal of your existing glass, and therefore span from simple striped patterns to elaborate designs in a variety of colours and gradients. Our off-the-shelf range offers cost-effective, time-saving options for those seeking to beautify their premises without the need for custom design and production.

Digitally Printed Window Film Graphics

For a crisp, intricate design, our digitally printed window film/tint graphics are the way to go. These designs offer unprecedented detail and clarity, thus making them perfect for advertising products, services, or showcasing your corporate brand. Let your windows speak volumes about your brand with Sunguard’s high-quality, digitally printed window films.

Decorative Printed Window Film | Sunguard Window Films

Branded Decorative Window Film

Transform your windows and glass doors into vibrant representations of your brand with Sunguard’s branded decorative or printed window film/tint solutions. Our window films incorporate your brand’s logos, designs, and operational information to create bespoke, eye-catching displays, thus, making it ideal for retail businesses or corporate premises situated in areas with high footfall. Make your mark with Sunguard and consequently turn every passer-by into a potential customer.

Tailor-Made Window Graphics

Sunguard’s mastery extends beyond standard patterns and colours, since we offer full customisation for your decorative window film designs accordingly. From simple and chic manifestations featuring standard dots and squares to more unique, bespoke printed patterns. Consequently, not only do our tailor-made graphics enhance your window’s aesthetic appeal, they also cater to your privacy or modesty needs.

Decorative & Printed Films & Tints with a Spectrum of Colours & Styles

Whatever your style, we have a decorative window film or tint to match accordingly. Choose from our wide array of colours and styles, including translucent, opaque, metallic, and printed window films. At Sunguard, we believe in providing options to ensure your windows reflect your unique taste and brand identity

At Sunguard, we bring your windows to life, meanwhile, providing safety, regulatory compliance, and a brilliant canvas for branding. Contact us today to discuss your decorative or printed window film needs and explore our available samples. Consequently, imbue your windows with an unmistakable identity, courtesy of Sunguard.

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