Safety & Security Window Film


Committed to safeguarding your commercial, office, retail, and residential spaces.

Robust Security, Shielding Your Space

Fortify Your Glass With Optimal Clarity

With Sunguard, clarity doesn’t mean compromising on protection. Our safety and security window film is optically clear, maintaining your window’s natural view while providing robust defence. Designed for any glass or glazing, these window films are an unobtrusive and powerful addition to your safety measures.

Customise Your Protection, With Safety & Security Window Film

We believe that each space has unique needs, we therefore tailor our solutions to match. Our security window films and tints come with solar control properties, consequently ensuring your comfort without compromising safety. 

Upgrade Your Security

Instantly bolster your security with Sunguard’s safety window film. Our window films/tints serve as a substantial impediment to intruders, slowing them down significantly or deterring them entirely. Don’t leave your home or workplace vulnerable – choose to upgrade your glazing and enjoy enhanced protection.

Guarantee Safety With Advanced Glass Protection & Security

Our window films do more than protect against break-ins. In the unfortunate event of an accident, these films hold any shards of broken glass in place, therefore mitigating the risk of injury from flying shards. By upgrading your glazing with Sunguard’s security window film, you are choosing an added layer of assurance for your premises.

Dedicated Servicing

At Sunguard, we are proud to serve businesses and residences across the UK. Our team of experienced installers ensure a hassle-free and efficient installation process, providing a swift and effective solution to your security needs. Trust in Sunguard to fortify your space to ensure a safer, more secure environment, by choosing our safety security window film.

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