Reflective Mirrored Window Film


Experience the pinnacle of privacy, solar control, and stylish design.

Superior Solar Control and Privacy

Exceptional Solar Control & Privacy with Aesthetics

With Sunguard, our reflective mirrored window film is a robust solution. It significantly rejects heavy heat loads, glare, and UV radiation through any building glass. Furthermore, our window film boast an impressive one-way mirror technology. Thus, providing superb visibility control during daylight hours. Select from a range of enticing colours to customise your windows, and ensure maximum protection against sun heat loads and glare, as well as unwanted attention. Meanwhile, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your property.

Enhance Your Business Security with Reflective Mirrored Window Film

Our reflective mirrored glass window film and tint is an excellent choice for businesses looking to safeguard costly equipment or sensitive information. With the power to obscure clutter and information, these films transform your windows into seamless, mirrored surfaces that shield your valuable assets from external view.

Make Your Office or Home a Comfort Zone

Beyond the business setting, our reflective mirrored window films offer immense benefits for work place office or home. The top-tier reflectiveness and outstanding heat rejection properties of our window film and tint help maintain a cool and comfortable environment during summer peaks. A plethora of colour options ensure you will find the perfect match to compliment your decor while providing the privacy you desire.

Reflective Mirrored Window Films are Made for Your Needs

Whether it’s a large or a small project, we tailor our reflective glass window films to your exact requirements. This guarantees that your windows, be it at your office, retail or home, have the ideal level of protection. From vibrant colour choices to a classic tinted look, Sunguard window films offer lasting benefits to meet all your needs. Our reflective window film is an excellent way to increase privacy and reduce heat build-up. Thus, offering a more comfortable and usable space all year round.

Choose Sunguard – for the perfect fusion of comfort, privacy and style.

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