Shielding Against Radio Frequency EMI

Radio Frequency EMI

Protection from electromagnetic interference is our utmost priority.

Protecting Your Privacy

Expertise in EMI Radio Frequency Window Film

We specialise in the provision and installation of EMI Radio Frequency Window Film (EMI – Electromagnetic Interference). Our unique product is a groundbreaking solution, designed to reduce electromagnetic radiation transmission. It’s an integral part of EMI shielding, protecting sensitive electronics and devices from damage.  Therefore, ensuring your privacy is not violated and your operations are free from electronic eavesdropping – a critical consideration in our increasingly wireless world.

Architectural Shielding for Enhanced Protection

The built environment isn’t immune to the threats of radio frequencies. We’ve therefore expanded our expertise into architectural shielding. This method specifically tailors to safeguard a building’s occupants from electromagnetic radiation. Such radiation can be emitted by nearby microwave and radio frequency sources, such as mobile phone towers and Wi-Fi networks. Our EMI window film shield does more than just protect, it provides peace of mind.

Wide-Ranging EMI Window Film Application

With our Radio Frequency EMI window film, Sunguard caters to diverse needs, be it commercial, offices, retail or residential. Our team of experts provide solutions worldwide to ensure your premises, whether new or existing, are equipped with top-notch protection against electromagnetic interference. We value all our clients and strive to ensure we cater for their specific needs in a comprehensive and effective manner.

Defending against Intentional Electromagnetic Interference

Sunguard is at the forefront of defending against electromagnetic interference (E.M.I), as well as common radio frequency sources. These attacks, which often intend to disrupt, confuse, or damage your systems, pose a significant risk. We understand the damage such attacks have on businesses and therefore, our EMI window film protects against such intrusions.

Radio Frequency EMI, Reliable, Comprehensive Services

Sunguard are more than just suppliers. We are a team of dedicated professionals who understand the complexity of our field and take a comprehensive approach to serve our clients. Not only do we supply the highest quality EMI radio frequency window film, but we also provide expert installation services. At Sunguard, we ensure to protect every corner of your building, allowing you to carry on with your operations with utmost security and serenity.

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