Revolutionary Smart Electrical Film

Smart Electrical

Redefine your rooms’ functionality, enhance privacy and visual appeal with our high-quality, Smart Electrical Switchable Window Film.

Unparalleled Visual Privacy

Flexibility at Your Fingertips with Smart Electrical Window Film

With Sunguard’s Smart Electrical Window Film, you hold control over your spaces. This revolutionary product offers the ability to switch from complete privacy to absolute clarity at a moment’s notice. Whether you want to transform a room into multiple spaces, make your conference room multi-purpose, or ensure privacy in your living spaces, our Smart Window Film is the ideal solution.

Premium Quality and Aesthetic Appeal

Our Smart Switchable Window Film is crafted in the UK therefore, guaranteeing quality and durability. It transforms any clear glass into privacy glass and back again at your convenience. With a design that appears as elegant frosted glass when powered off, it will also add a touch of sophistication to your interiors, while serving its practical purpose.

Hassle-free Installation and Use

Sunguard’s expertly trained installers ensure a seamless and efficient installation of your Smart Electrical Window Film. Moreover, with an easy-to-use remote control system, adjusting the privacy levels of your rooms is as easy as the push of a button.

Versatility Redefined

Sunguard’s Smart Switchable Window Film is not only a privacy solution. It’s also a multi-functional tool that can serve as a projection screen in boardrooms or conference rooms. Meanwhile, it maintains a minimal reduction in natural light transmittance, and therefore preserves the vibrancy and warmth of your space.

Smart Electrical Window Films are Warranty-backed

We believe in the quality of our Smart Window Films and the expertise of our installation team. For this reason we back our product and service with a comprehensive warranty, offering you peace of mind with your Sunguard investment.

Transform your spaces with Sunguard’s Smart Electrical Window Film today. Consequently, experience the power of privacy, control, and aesthetic appeal, all at your fingertips.

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